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Cast Aluminium Product

Casting aluminum is a process of molten aluminum, which is poured into the mold and cooled to form aluminum parts of the required shape. The casting obtained by casting aluminum is called casting aluminum.
  • Cast Aluminium Tee Valve

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    Cast Aluminium Tee Valve

    The metal material tee has a main pipe and a branch pipe which is perpendicular to the main pipe and communicates with the main pipe on the main pipe side, the valve is arranged at the intersection of the main pipe exit direction and the branch pipe exit direction, the valve...Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Barrel

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    Cast Aluminium Barrel

    The role of the cylinder is to provide the pressure required for the process space, pressure vessel is one of the most important pressure components, its diameter and volume often need to be determined by the process. Cylindrical cylinders (ie cylinders) and spherical...Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Vane Wheel

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    Cast Aluminium Vane Wheel

    Impeller also known as the working wheel impeller, the compressor is the only part of the work done on the gas. After the impeller rotates at high speed with the main shaft, the blades work on the gas, and the gas pressure and velocity after passing through the impeller are...Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Metal Conductor

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    Cast Aluminium Metal Conductor

    Squirrel-cage motor rotor windings are mostly cast aluminum or copper at both ends of the ring, its role is to short the rotor slot conductor to form a closed loop.Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Adapter Flange

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    Cast Aluminium Adapter Flange

    Cast aluminum explosion - proof box distribution box explosion - proof local control box offer wholesale.Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Conductor

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    Cast Aluminium Conductor

    Only squirrel cage induction motor rotor ends will appear cast aluminum end ring, the aluminum end ring has three roles, first of all, it is used as the rotor conductor termination wire, also known as the short circuit ring, connected to the rotor winding role Second, it also...Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Gear Box

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    Cast Aluminium Gear Box

    Its appearance is to touch the advanced technology "square box" structure, the box with high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting forming, with strong strength, light weight, beautiful appearance, high thermal performance, environmental protection, long life and other advantages.Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Fire Equipment

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    Cast Aluminium Fire Equipment

    Fire fighting equipment is used for fire fighting, fire and fire accidents equipment.Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Impeller

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    Cast Aluminium Impeller

    Cast aluminum impeller for high-speed rotating parts (5000-5500r / min).Read More

  • Cast Aluminium High Voltage

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    Cast Aluminium High Voltage

    High-pressure die-casting aluminum, low-pressure die-casting aluminum, gravity die-casting aluminum are casting category, but the casting process is different.Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Sewing

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    Cast Aluminium Sewing

    From the function should be almost from the material should be different, aluminum leaves are generally die-cast, the surface of the leaves is relatively smooth, aluminum content is high; cast aluminum leaf leaves may be casting, the content should be low, the hardness may be...Read More

  • Cast Aluminium Pistol

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    Cast Aluminium Pistol

    It is used in nail gun area.Read More

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