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Cast Aluminium Conductor

Cast Aluminium Conductor
Only squirrel cage induction motor rotor ends will appear cast aluminum end ring, the aluminum end ring has three roles, first of all, it is used as the rotor conductor termination wire, also known as the short circuit ring, connected to the rotor winding role Second, it also acts as a simple fan that acts as a heat sink. Thirdly, it also serves as a weight plate that balances the start-up state.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Conductor:

When the aluminum ingots and the intermediate alloys are melted, the aluminum is first loaded, then the intermediate alloys are added.

When smelting with precast alloy ingots, the precast alloy ingots are first loaded, then the required quantities of aluminum and intermediate alloys are added. When the burden is made up of prisoners and aluminum ingots, the largest part of the furnace is first melted.

When the capacity of the furnace is sufficient to load several kinds of burden at the same time, the melting point should be first loaded together.

The furnace charge that is easy to burn and low melting point, such as magnesium and zinc, should be added at the end.

In continuous melting, the crucible should be left with a portion of the aluminum to accelerate the melting of the next furnace.

When the coating is used to cover the flux, the flux should be added to the furnace when it begins to melt.  

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