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Cast Aluminium Fire Equipment

Cast Aluminium Fire Equipment
Fire fighting equipment is used for fire fighting, fire and fire accidents equipment.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Fire Equipment:

Fire equipment refers to equipment used for fire fighting, fire prevention and fire accidents. Equipment used for professional fire fighting. The most common fire fighting equipment: fire extinguisher, it can be divided into three types according to the pressure type of the driving fire extinguisher: 1. A fire extinguisher that is driven by a compressed gas or liquefied gas released by a storage cylinder on a fire extinguisher. 2. Stored-pressure fire extinguishers. A fire extinguisher that is driven by the pressure of a fire extinguisher in the same container. Chemical reaction extinguisher. A fire extinguisher that is driven by a chemical reaction in a fire extinguisher.

Firefighting Device refers to automatic fire alarm system, indoor fire hydrant, outdoor fire hydrant and other fixed facilities. Automatic fire protection facilities are divided into electrical system automatic facilities and water system automatic facilities.

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