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Cast Aluminium Impeller

Cast Aluminium Impeller
Cast aluminum impeller for high-speed rotating parts (5000-5500r / min).
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Impeller:

Semi-open impeller.

Generally, there are two kinds of structures: the first one is the first half, which consists of the rear cover plate and the blade. The impeller efficiency is low, and the sealing ring with adjustable clearance is needed to improve the efficiency. After another for half open, is composed of front cover and the blade, as a result of the application can be the same as the closed impeller sealing ring, efficiency and basic same, closed impeller and blade besides conveying liquid, also has a sealing function (vice impeller blade or back). The semi-open impeller is suitable for conveying liquids containing suspended solids such as solids and fibers. Semi-open impeller is difficult to make, low cost and strong adaptability. It is used in the centrifugal pump in refinery and chemical industry, and is used for conveying water and similar liquid.

Open impeller

Only blades and blades are strengthened, and impellers of the front and rear cover plates (less than 2-5 blades of open impeller blades). The impeller is less efficient and has less application, which is mainly used to transport the liquid with high viscosity and pulp liquid.

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