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Cast Aluminium Metal Conductor

Cast Aluminium Metal Conductor
Squirrel-cage motor rotor windings are mostly cast aluminum or copper at both ends of the ring, its role is to short the rotor slot conductor to form a closed loop.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Metal Conductor:

Casting aluminum is a process method of aluminum casting in the mold with molten aluminum. The casting of cast aluminum is called casting aluminum.

Cast aluminum parts in the process of casting forming, prone to osteoporosis, internal defects such as shrinkage cavity, porosity, and the defects of the casting after machining, surface density layer components be removed and make the internal organization of the flaws exposed. For auto cast aluminum with sealing requirements, such as cylinder block, cylinder head, intake manifold, brake valve, etc., when the pressure seal test, the existence of defects microporous will lead to the leakage of sealing medium caused a large amount of waste, and these defects are often machining, could be detected by the pressure test after causing serious wave of working hours, materials and energy.

In order to solve the problem of auto cast aluminum scrap rate is high, save for the above defects may scrap castings, must take certain measures in production, at present the most commonly used is the impregnation technology processing, namely plugging. The so-called "infiltration", that is, under certain conditions the impregnation agent to infiltrate casting aluminum micro pore, after curing in the infiltration pore packing, become an organic whole repeatedly with the casting pore wall blocked pores, make the parts can meet the condition such as pressure, seepage and leakage protection technology.

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