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Cast Aluminium Sewing

Cast Aluminium Sewing
From the function should be almost from the material should be different, aluminum leaves are generally die-cast, the surface of the leaves is relatively smooth, aluminum content is high; cast aluminum leaf leaves may be casting, the content should be low, the hardness may be To be big.
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Intooduction of Cast Aluminium Sewing:

Casting aluminum is a process method of aluminum casting in the mold with molten aluminum. Aluminum used in casting aluminum is called casting aluminum alloy.The sewing machine head adopts sand casting.A whole foundry industrial sewing machine chassis and sewing machine, including the one used to install the machine frame and a used to install replacement work floor panel, described in the ontology and described in the bottom one casting and become, described in the floor forming support boss, boss stated at the top of the set the benchmark for the installation work panel surface. The utility model sets up the support bulge on the base plate.The main mechanism of sewing machine can be divided into four main categories: piercing mechanism, 

thread take-up mechanism, hook line mechanism and feeding mechanism. Besides, there are presser device, 

control device, regulating device and so on. These mechanisms are the most common basic mechanisms in the 

sewing machine: connecting rod mechanism, cam mechanism, gear mechanism, belt drive mechanism, 

intermittent movement mechanism, and combined in series, parallel, time series and so on. Therefore, to grasp 

the use of sewing machines, we must understand the mechanism and transmission principle of sewing machines.

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