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Cast Aluminium Tee Valve

Cast Aluminium Tee Valve
The metal material tee has a main pipe and a branch pipe which is perpendicular to the main pipe and communicates with the main pipe on the main pipe side, the valve is arranged at the intersection of the main pipe exit direction and the branch pipe exit direction, the valve is provided with a circular valve, The tee is a structure that seals each other with the inner wall of the lumen.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Tee Valve:

1. The actuator is made of cast aluminum frame and plastic shell, with small size and light weight.

2. Choose permanent magnet synchronous motor with magnetic hysteresis and clutch mechanism, with reliable self-protection function.

3. Suitable for multiple control signals: incremental (floating point), voltage (0~10V), current (4~20mA).

4. Have 0~10V or 4~20mA feedback signal (optional).

5. The transmission gear adopts metal gear, which greatly improves the service life of the drive.

6. Low power consumption, large output force and low noise.

7. The valve body is made of cast copper, cast iron and ductile iron, which is suitable for different working medium and temperature.

8. The valve body has threaded connection and flange connection, which is convenient to install.

9. The valve body structure is: three-way valve, three-way shunt valve.

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