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Cast Aluminium Vane Wheel

Impeller also known as the working wheel impeller, the compressor is the only part of the work done on the gas. After the impeller rotates at high speed with the main shaft, the blades work on the gas, and the gas pressure and velocity after passing through the impeller are increased due to the centrifugal force and the diffusing flow in the impeller. According to the structure of the impeller is divided into closed, semi-open and open three, usually closed and semi-open two, as shown in Figure 6-6.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Vane Wheel:

The use effect of aluminum impeller and steel impeller is the same. It is generally used to decide which impeller to use.

1. The proportion of steel is 7.85, while the proportion of aluminum is about 2.7 (generally aluminum alloy, pure aluminum is used for low strength), and the weight difference is nearly three times. Because of the light weight of aluminum, it can reduce the power consumption, thus saving energy.

2. The melting point of steel is about 1500 degrees and the aluminum is 660 degrees. At high temperature, aluminum impeller absolutely cannot be used.

3. Steel is easily oxidized in the air (before corrosion treatment, such as galvanizing, etc.), while aluminum can form a dense oxide film after oxidation, so that it cannot continue to oxidize. The aluminum impeller is superior to the steel impeller in a mild corrosive atmosphere.

4. The strength of steel is greater than that of aluminum. Due to the limitation of strength, the impeller of large fan is generally made of steel impeller.

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