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Cast Aluminum Barrel

Cast Aluminum Barrel
The role of the cylinder is to provide the pressure required for the process space, pressure vessel is one of the most important pressure components, its diameter and volume often need to be determined by the process. Cylindrical cylinders (ie cylinders) and spherical cylinders are the most commonly used cylinder structures in engineering.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Barrel:

1. Circular timber ceiling keel. Circular timber ceiling keel also known as the right cut round wood corrugation, is to cut the round wood into the opposite half as the main keel, the small square wood as the secondary keel nail in its bottom.

2. Square timber ceiling keel. Square timber ceiling keel also known as the roof timber corrugation, the use of saw timber as the main secondary keel. It can be made into plane, superposition and art form.

3. U-shaped light steel keel. The light steel keel is made of cold rolled thin steel plate or galvanized iron plate by cutting cold bending roll, according to the sectional shape of the keel connecting the panel

4. T-type aluminum ceiling keel. Compared with light steel keel, t-type aluminum alloy ceiling keel has lighter texture and better corrosion resistance.

5. Aluminum alloy square plate ceiling keel. Aluminium alloy square plate ceiling keel is a special "square decorative panel" for aluminum alloy supporting keel

6. Aluminum alloy strip ceiling keel. Aluminum alloy strip ceiling keel is made of 1mm thick aluminum alloy plate through cold bending, roll rolling and anode. It is used with special aluminum alloy decorative panel.

7. Aluminum alloy lattice ceiling keel. Aluminum alloy lattice ceiling keel is also made of thin aluminum alloy plate by cold rolling, which is a kind of keel specially matched with blade ceiling plate.

8. Ceiling finish. The ceiling facing is matched with the skeleton of the dragon, and is located in the last part of the ceiling installation, commonly known as the ceiling board.

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