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Cast Aluminum Impeller

Cast Aluminum Impeller
Cast aluminum impeller for high-speed rotating parts (5000-5500r / min).
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Impeller:

The use effect of aluminum impeller and steel impeller is the same, the proportion of steel is 7.85, while the proportion of aluminum is about 2.7 (generally aluminum alloy, pure aluminum is used for low strength), and the weight difference is nearly three times. Because of the light weight of aluminum, it can reduce the power consumption, thus saving energy. The impeller is an integral part of an impulse turbine rotor. Also refers to the wheel disk and the installation of its rotating blades. The impeller of the fan is generally larger with the carbon steel plate, the smaller one is cast aluminum, and part of the engineering plastics. Theoretically, as long as the impeller is not deformed or damaged, it can be used continuously. In actual use, if the vibration and noise are found to be large, it is important to note whether the impeller is a problem.

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