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Cast Aluminum Pistol Grip

Cast Aluminum Pistol Grip
It is used in nail gun area.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Pistol Grip:

Defect characteristics of oxide slag inclusion: most of the oxide slag is distributed on the upper surface of the casting, at the corner where the mold is not ventilated. The fracture is usually grayish white or yellow, which can be found by X-ray fluoroscopy or mechanical processing, or by alkali washing, acid washing or anodizing.


1. The furnace material is not clean, and the amount of return material is excessive.

2. Poor design of casting system.

3. The slag in the alloy liquid is not cleaned.

4. Improper pouring operation and slag entrapment.

5. Insufficient static time after refining and metamorphosis treatment.

Prevention methods:

1. The furnace material should be blown through sand, and the amount of return material should be reduced appropriately.

2. Improve the design of the pouring system to improve its slag resistance capacity.

3. Use appropriate flux to remove slag.

4. The pouring shall be smooth and shall pay attention to preventing slag.

5. The alloy liquid should be static for a certain time before being refined and poured.

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