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Cast Aluminum Robot Arm

Cast Aluminum Robot Arm
Industrial robots are multi-joint robots or multi-degree-of-freedom machines for industrial applications that automate the work and are a machine that implements various functions by their own power and control. It can accept human command, can also be run in accordance with pre-programmed procedures, modern industrial robots can also be based on artificial intelligence technology to develop the principles of action.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Robot Arm:

In order to solve a series of problems caused by writing applications in machine language, people first thought of using mnemonic symbols to replace machine instructions that are not easy to remember. The language in which mnemonic symbols are used to represent computer instructions is called symbolic language, also known as assembly language. In assembly language, each assembly instruction represented by symbols corresponds to the computer machine instruction. The difficulty of memory is greatly reduced. It is not only easy to check and modify program errors, but also the location of instructions and data can be automatically allocated by the computer. Called a source program written in assembly language program, the computer can't recognize and deal with source program directly, must through some way to translate it to become a computer can understand and execute machine language, perform this translation work program called assemblers. Using assembly language to write computer programs, the programmer still needs to be very familiar with the hardware structure of the computer system, so the program design itself is still inefficient and tedious. But it is because of assembly language is close to computer hardware system, and in certain occasions, such as system core program of high requirement of time and space efficiency and real-time control program, etc., so far, assembly language is still a very effective method of programming tools

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