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Cast Aluminum Round Collar with Ear

Cast Aluminum Round Collar with Ear
Balcony fence accessories with the ear base to cast aluminum mainly in the high-end fence like to use cast aluminum material, because the texture of aluminum is better, look high grade.
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Introduction of  Cast Aluminum Round Collar with Ear:

When using aluminum ingot and intermediate alloy for melting, first load aluminum, then add intermediate alloy.

When smelting with prefabricated alloy ingots, prefabricated ingots are loaded first and then supplemented with the required amount of aluminum and intermediate alloys. When the burden is made up of billet and aluminum ingot, the largest part of the burden is first melted.

When the furnace is large enough to hold several furnace materials at the same time, the furnace shall be first loaded with elements of a similar melting point.

Flows that burn easily and have low melting points, such as magnesium and zinc, should be added at the end.

A portion of the aluminium liquid should be left in the crucible to accelerate the next furnace melting while continuing to melt.

When using the coating flux, the melting agent should be added at the beginning of the furnace material melting

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