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Cast Aluminum Sewing Machine

Cast Aluminum Sewing Machine
From the function should be almost from the material should be different, aluminum leaves are generally die-cast, the surface of the leaves is relatively smooth, aluminum content is high; cast aluminum leaf leaves may be casting, the content should be low, the hardness may be To be big.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Sewing Machine:

Industrial sewing machine is the main body and core of clothing machinery and equipment. With the development 

and progress of technology and technology, new models of sewing machines are increasing, and their high speed

, precision, multi-function, intellectualization and automation are getting higher and higher. Various electronic 

technology and automation devices have been widely used in sewing machines. However, due to the complexity 

of the movements and movements of sewing machines and the high degree of coordination, the institutional 

system is still the core and hub.According to the whole machine mechanism and its mechanism system of sewing

 machine, the thread picking mechanism of sewing machine is four connecting rod pick - up mechanism, the 

pricking mechanism is crank slider mechanism, the hook line mechanism is rotary spindle and two pairs of 

conical gear mechanism drive, and the feeding mechanism is composed of the pin distance mechanism and the 

teeth lifting mechanism in parallel to the differential linkage mechanism.

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