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Low Pressure Die Casting Explosion Proof Tank

Low Pressure Die Casting Explosion Proof Tank
Cast aluminum explosion - proof box distribution box explosion - proof local control box offer wholesale.
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Introduction of Low Pressure Die Casting Explosion Proof Tank:

The explosion-proof tank is a kind of equipment which can prevent and reduce the damage to the surrounding personnel and objects. According to the shape, can be divided into bucket and ball type, also known as explosion-proof bucket and explosion-proof ball; The tractor can be fitted according to the actual usage.

Explosion-proof tank (bucket)

A device used to explode explosive devices, and can weaken the explosive power of the explosive device to protect people and property. Indoor use, requires space height above 6 meters. It is made of triple structure, four antiknock materials, and stainless steel. There is an anti-knock cover. The triple structure is: external tank, flower pot, filling layer (the service life needs to be changed in five years); The four kinds of antiknock materials are: special anti-explosion, anti-aging, fire-resistant and anti-detonating adhesive, special fluffy layer. Refractory: PVC sheet, special steel plate. The components are: one piece of explosion-proof cover, one piece of tank, one pulling hook rope.

Package of Transport:

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