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Cast Aluminium Casing

Cast Aluminium Casing
Suitable for explosive gas mixture hazardous area zone 1, zone 2. Explosive mixture belongs to Ⅱ A, Ⅱ B level. 3. In the oil, chemical and other enterprises laying wire pipelines, as pipe connections, turning and branch purposes. 4. In the exchange of 50HZ, voltage 380V or 220V line, as the wire...
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Product Details


Surface treatmentMill finished, anodizing, powder coating, brushing, polishing
Dimension ToleranceCT8
Surface RoughnessRa6.3-12

Minimum Order  Quantity


Packaging Details

Carton and Wood


100000 Pieces
Delivery Time4 weeks
Payment TermsT/T, LC


The basic parts of the castings are all box-shaped structures, and many reinforcing bars are added, making the casting structure more complex.

In casting, more cores are needed, and cores are often used to fix the cores.

It is difficult to remove the gas produced by the mold core during pouring, and it is easy to produce defects such as pores and sand holes. As the numerical control device is installed, there are a lot of wires inside the box castings. Holes need to be made on the casting walls and ribs for wiring, and the positions of these holes are not always in the positions where the core exhaust can be easily set.

In addition, as these holes weaken the strength and stiffness of the box body, it is easy to generate cracks at its edges, and reinforcement and convex edge are often required, and reinforcement and convex edge are often required, which makes the structure more complicated.

In addition, the cutting pallet will also increase, making the casting profile size larger. The castings should have high strength, stiffness and abrasion resistance, so as to keep the precision not changing with the cutting conditions, using time and other factors, so that the processed parts can have the required precision and finish.

1. Using high strength ZL102 cast aluminum alloy shell.
2. Surface electrostatic spray, for customers to choose. .
3. The structure of various forms, easy to install.
4. Explosion-proof mark: ExeII
5. Explosion-proof rear cover curved through the box BHC-F, the surface electrostatic spraying, beautiful appearance and practical.

Package of Transport:


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