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Cast Aluminium Coupling

Cast Aluminium Coupling
Aluminum alloy connector low density, but the strength is relatively high.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Coupling:

Aluminum alloy conductor compared to pure aluminum, due to the addition of a special composition and the use of a special processing technology, greatly improved tensile strength, elongation and increased to 30%, the use of more safe and reliable.

The coefficient of thermal expansion is used to calculate the dimensional change of the material as the temperature changes. Aluminum alloys have a coefficient of thermal expansion comparable to that of copper, and for many years aluminum connectors have been used reliably for copper and aluminum conductors, and most of today's electrical connectors are made of aluminum, which is especially suitable for aluminum alloys. Therefore, aluminum alloy conductor and connector expansion and contraction exactly the same.

Electrical connections made with aluminum alloy are as safe and stable as connections made with copper conductors. The composition of the aluminum alloy greatly improves its connection properties. When the conductor is annealed, the added iron produces high-strength creep resistance and ensures stable connection even over long periods of overload and overheating.

Aluminum alloy to improve the tensile strength of pure aluminum, aluminum alloy cables can support 4000 meters in length, copper cables can only support 2750 meters. This advantage is particularly evident when wiring long-span buildings such as stadiums.

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