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Cast Aluminium Cover

Cast Aluminium Cover
Aluminum cylinder head processing accuracy is higher than the cast iron, heat dissipation than cast iron, the weight is lighter than cast iron, is conducive to fuel economy.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Cover:

Automotive generator cover is aluminum silicon alloy, also known as "silicon aluminum Ming" or "silicon aluminum Ming." Good casting performance and wear resistance, thermal expansion coefficient is small, the largest variety in the cast aluminum alloy, the largest amount of alloy, silicon content of 10% to 25%. Sometimes add 0.2% to 0.6% magnesium silicon aluminum alloy, widely used in structural parts, such as generator shell, cylinder, box and frame. Sometimes adding the right amount of copper and magnesium can improve the mechanical properties and heat resistance of the alloy. Such alloys are widely used in the manufacture of pistons and other components.

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