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Cast Aluminium Cylinder

Cast Aluminium Cylinder
From the use of view, the advantage of cast aluminum cylinder is light weight, by reducing the weight to achieve fuel-efficient.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Cylinder:

Cylinder cast iron is cheap, large weight, poor heat dissipation, less corrosion resistance.

Aluminum alloy cost high, light weight, good heat dissipation. Relative strength is good, not easy to corrode, long life.Because of the light weight of the cast aluminum cylinder, it can save a lot of fuel. In the casting process, the cylinder liner is cast in the cylinder, and the two can be glued together firmly.

According to the failure of the deformation and cracking of the roof plate of the cast aluminum cylinder head, the weak part of the cylinder head in the work is obtained by the finite element analysis. On the basis of this, a multi - scheme reinforcement optimization design is carried out.

The cylinder machine is the main body of the engine. It connects each cylinder and the crankcase, and is the supporting frame for installing the piston, crankshaft and other parts and accessories. It is the main body of the engine, it connects each cylinder and crankcase, it is to install the piston, crankshaft and other parts and accessories supporting skeleton. The working conditions of the cylinder block are very poor. It is subject to the sharp changes in pressure and temperature during the combustion process and the intense friction of the piston movement.

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