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Cast Aluminium Gear

Cast Aluminium Gear
High strength aluminum gear, forming more methods.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Gear:

Gear casting is also called cast steel gear. This is because most of the gears are made of cast steel. Here, I share some information about the production of gear casting and related heat treatment. The weight of gear castings usually ranges from a few kilograms to several tons.

The material of gear casting is usually made of high carbon cast steel, and some are made of alloy steel containing chromium, nickel and molybdenum to achieve high tensile strength. The physical demands of large gears are usually lower than those of small ones.

Regarding the casting process, usually the floor forming process is applicable and can meet the normal requirements. As for cast steel gear, such as driven gear, gear and idler wheels, using quartz sand flooring process is a good choice. Why? Because most parts of the gear need to be machined. So you don't have to use a higher casting process. In addition, regarding medium and large steel castings, quartz sand flooring molding process is almost the only choice

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