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Cast Aluminium Medical Equipment Parts

Cast Aluminium Medical Equipment Parts
It is produced from low pressure die casting process.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Medical Equipment Parts:

1. Sand mixing machine is used to make casting equipment of molding sand or core sand. Sand mixer generally has the following functions: old sand? New sand? Sand binder and excipient mix well. 2. Sanding machine makes use of vibration and impact to separate molding sand and casting equipment. The vibration source of sand - settler is machinery. Electromagnetic and pneumatic. 3.

Pelletizer makes use of high speed pelletizer to clean or strengthen casting equipment on casting surface. Shot blasting function at the same time the casting sanding? Core removal and cleaning. 4. Core - making machine is used to make core - forming casting equipment. According to the different method of core making, the core making machine can be divided into shock type core making machine. Core extruder and core ejector, etc. 5. The molding machine is used to manufacture sand casting equipment. Its main function is: filling sand, filling loose sand into the sand box, compact sand. 6. Channels opened in the mold by the pouring machine for introducing liquid metal into the mold cavity

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