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Cast Aluminium Prototype

Cast Aluminium Prototype
The model can be made of wood, plastic, gypsum, clay, gypsum mold can also use clay or wax.
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Product Details

Casting Process

Gravity die casting, Sand casting, Low pressure die casting,

Die casting, Cast copper, Cast stainless steel

Dimension ToleranceCT8
Surface RoughnessRa6.3-12

Material Standard


Packaging Details

Carton and Wood
Delivery Time4 weeks
Payment TermsT/T, LC


In the field of molds and manufacturing, a large number of rapid manufacturing technologies and computer simulations in parallel environments will be used to greatly shorten the production time of molds and achieve rapid production of castings. The so-called rapid manufacturing technology is a combination of prototyping and precision casting techniques provided by Rapid Prototyping Technology (RPM) to produce accurate die castings at exceptional speeds. The computer simulation in parallel environment is the new method of Rational Product/Pro-cess Design (abbreviated as RP2D). That is, while designing products and performing performance analysis, it can transfer and exchange information through STEP graphics, and at the same time, conduct casting CAD and casting process simulation. (CAE) and CAD/CAM of foundry tooling, when the product design is completed, the preparation of the castings is also completed at the same time, which greatly reduces the time for castings to be put on the market. Foaming molds and die bonding fixtures are the most critical process equipment in the molding process. Molds for complex castings such as cylinder heads and cylinder blocks should be completed using CAD/CAM. The efforts of the foundry engineers alone are not enough. It is necessary to organize the foundry experts, machine designers, parts processing engineers, and numerical control processing experts to work together and work together to create an advanced and practical die CAD/CAM system. To improve the mold making technology, a large number of experiments and production practices are required to master the dimensional change rule between foam molds and foam molds, and to accumulate reliable data for new mold designs.

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