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Cast Aluminium Robot Arm

Cast Aluminium Robot Arm
Product Name: Cast Aluminum Robot Arm
Material: A380
Casting Weight: 16.7KG
Casting Process: Low pressure casting
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Product Details


Product NameCasting ProcessStandardsProductionMaterial

Cast Aluminum Robot Arm

Low pressure castingASTM,AISI,DIN,BS,JIS100000 Pieces




 Surface RoughnessCasting WeightManufactureSurface treatment

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order  Quantity100
Delivery Time4 weeks
Payment TermsT/T, LC
Packaging DetailsCarton and Wood


Introduction of  Cast Aluminium Robot Arm:

Industrial robots are multi-joint robots or multi-degree-of-freedom machines for industrial applications that automate the work and are a machine that implements various functions by their own power and control. It can accept human command, can also be run in accordance with pre-programmed procedures, modern industrial robots can also be based on artificial intelligence technology to develop the principles of action.

ROBOT arm is the Chinese translation of the word "ROBOT". Due to the influence of film and television promotion and science fiction, people often think of the robot arm as a mechanical and electronic device that looks like a person. But this is not the case, especially with the industrial robot arm, which often bears no resemblance to human appearance. According to national standards, the industrial robot arm is defined as "its operator is automatically controlled, programmable repeatedly, versatile, and able to program more than three shafts. It can be stationary or mobile. Used in industrial automation applications. The operating machine is also defined as "a machine whose mechanism is usually composed of a series of hinged or relatively sliding components. It usually has several degrees of freedom to grab or move objects (tools or artifacts). Therefore, the industrial robot arm may be understood as a mechanical electronic device that simulates human arm, wrist and hand functions. It can move any object or tool according to the time-varying requirements of spatial posture (position and attitude) to complete the operation requirements of an industrial production. Spot welding or arc welding of automobile or motorcycle body, such as holding welding tongs or welding gun; To handle parts or components formed by die casting or stamping; Laser cutting; Coating; Assembling mechanical parts and so on.

Package of Transport:


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