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Cast Aluminium Round Collar With Ear

Cast Aluminium Round Collar With Ear
Product Name: Cast Aluminium Round Collar With Ear
Material: ZL101A-T6
Casting Weight: 0.495KG
Casting Process: Low pressure die casting
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Product Details

Product NameCasting ProcessStandardsProductionMaterial

Cast Aluminium Round Collar With Ear

Low pressure die castingASTM,AISI,DIN,BS,JIS100000 Pieces




 Surface RoughnessCasting WeightManufactureSurface treatment
CT8Ra6.3-120.495KGOEM/ODMMill finished, anodizing, powder coating, brushing, polishing

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order  Quantity100
Delivery Time4 weeks
Payment TermsT/T, LC
Packaging DetailsCarton and Wood


Introduction :

The low cost, good technology and remelting of cast aluminum parts save resources and energy, so the application and development of this material will last forever. Such as research and development of the cupola - electric furnace two - way smelting process and equipment. Advanced technology of desulfurization and filtration of iron solution is widely used. Thin-walled high-strength cast iron parts manufacturing technology, cast iron composite materials manufacturing technology, cast iron parts surface or local strengthening technology, isothermal nodular cast iron technology. It adopts special technology and equipment such as metal casting, metal sand-covered casting and continuous casting.Casting light alloy with low density, high specific strength and corrosion resistance will be widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile, machinery and other industries. Especially in automobile industry, in order to reduce oil consumption and improve energy efficiency, it is a long-term development trend to replace steel and iron castings with aluminum and nickel alloy castings. Among them, it focuses on pollution-free, efficient and easy to operate refining technology, metamorphism technology, grain refinement technology and rapid detection technology before furnace. In order to further improve the material performance and maximize the potential of the material, high quality aluminum alloy materials, especially aluminum matrix composite materials, can be developed to meet the performance requirements of different working conditions. To strengthen the study on the smelting process of cluster alloys, the development of continuous alloy die-casting and extrusion casting process and related technologies. To improve the development of ferroalloy smelting equipment and related technologies and processes.

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