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Cast Aluminium Support

Cast Aluminium Support
Aluminum parts of the low cost, good process, remelting and recycling resources and energy, the use of metal casting and metal-type sand casting, continuous casting and other special technology and equipment, etc
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Support:

Casting aluminum casting sand casting priority, the main reason is that compared with other casting sand casting low cost, simple production process, short production cycle. When the wet type can not meet the requirements and then consider the use of clay sand table dry sand, dry sand or other sand. Casting method should be consistent with the production of aluminum castings, low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods, due to the expensive equipment and molds, so only suitable for mass production, castings can be cast aluminum parts can also be mass-produced.


       To get a good sand castings products must follow the following points, the first model maintenance, regular wiping maintenance model is a very important thing, whether it is good or good mold, wood mold is good, only good The model can copy a good product. Especially in the mold wet sand casting, because the model long-term contact with the sand inside the water, it is easy to produce deformation, so be sure to regularly check the deformation of the model to prevent deformation due to water-based wood deformation caused by reduction or loss of machining allowance. Second, to master a reasonable molding process, including the compaction of the sand, the mode of taking the mold, the place and opening method of the pouring riser, the correction of the balance of the model in the cavity and the like Key), will affect the casting accuracy and surface finish and post-processing, the third, a reasonable method of smelting, especially when the melting back to the charge, the back to the pre-cleaning materials to oil, remove excess non-aluminum Metal, etc., to grasp the appropriate casting temperature, high temperature will lead to the internal coarse grain castings, casting appearance of black, blue and other abnormal color, too low, there are porosity and other internal defects slag.

       I plant the production of sand castings aluminum products with high dimensional accuracy, processing margin small, fewer internal defects, the appearance of the product is good, and won the industry recognized

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