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Cast Aluminium Tube

Cast Aluminium Tube
Material: A380
Casting Weight: 8.6KG
Casting Process: Low Pressure Die Casting
Standards: ASTM,AISI
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Product Details

Surface treatmentMill finished, anodizing, powder coating, brushing, polishing
Surface RoughnessRa6.3-12
Dimension ToleranceCT8

Minimum Order  Quantity


Packaging Details

Carton and Wood

Minimum Order  Quantity

Delivery Time4 weeks
Payment TermsT/T, LC



1. The strength of cast aluminum: Material (different materials of aluminum alloy mechanical properties are different)

2. Casting process on the impact of aluminum is also relatively large, in the cast case is about: Die Casting is greater than the low-pressure casting is greater than the metal than the sand casting.

3. Heat treatment of cast aluminum alloy mechanical properties have greatly changed: Some aluminum alloys can be made by solid solution treatment or artificial aging to change, the specific method may refer to the relevant technical information, there are T1 \ T2 \ T3 \ T4 \ T5 \ T6

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