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Cast Aluminium Water Channel

Cast Aluminium Water Channel
Good strength: additives, magnesium, manganese, chromium and other metal elements, made of aluminum alloy, and then heat treatment to get a high strength.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Water Channel:

Cast aluminum platform is also called cast aluminum plate.

Cast aluminum platform (flat) common defects and analysis

Casting common defects and analysis of aluminum oxide slag defects: Oxidation slag distribution in the castings on the surface, the mold is not ventilated corner of the site. Fracture mostly gray or yellow, X-ray or mechanical processing found that can also be found in the alkaline washing, pickling or anodizing causes: 1. Burden is not clean, too much back to the amount of charge 2. Casting system Poor design 3. alloy liquid slag is not cleaned 4. pouring improper operation, into the slag 5. refining metamorphic treatment time is not enough.

Prevention methods: 1. The charge should be blown sand, back to the amount of the appropriate use of reduced material 2. Improve the design of the casting system to improve its slag capacity 3. Use appropriate flux to slag 4. Pouring should be smooth and should pay attention to slag 5 After pouring, the alloy liquid should be allowed to stand for a certain period of time after refining.

Two stomatal bubble defects Features: Three castings wall pores are generally round or oval, with a smooth surface, usually shiny oxide, and sometimes oil yellow. Surface porosity, bubbles can be found by sandblasting, internal stomatal bubbles can be found by X-ray or mechanical processing.

Stomatal bubbles appear black on the X-ray film Cause: 1. Casting alloy is not smooth, into the gas 2. Type (core) sand mixed with organic impurities (such as coal, grass horse manure, etc.) 3. Mold and sand core Poor ventilation 4. Cold iron surface with shrinkage 5. Poor pouring system design.

Prevention methods: 1. Proper grasp of pouring speed, to avoid the involvement of gas. 2. Type (core) shall not be mixed with organic impurities in the sand to reduce the amount of gas modeling materials 3. To improve the (core) of the sand exhaust capacity 4. Proper selection and handling of cold iron 5. To improve the design of the casting system Shrinkage defects features: Cast aluminum shrinkage generally occurs in the runner near the root of the fly riser thick parts of the thickness of the transfer junction and the thin wall with a large plane.

In the as-cast fracture gray, light yellow after heat treatment grayish yellow or gray black cloud-like on the x-ray film was serious filamentous shrinkage can be found by X-ray, fluoroscopic fracture times and other inspection methods.

Produce the reason: 1 riser shrinkage is poor 2. Burden contains too much gas 3. Hot runner near the runner 4. Sand too much water, the sand core is not dried 5. Alloy grains coarse 6. Castings in the mold Improper placement 7. Pouring temperature is too high, pouring too fast.

Preventing method: 1, pouring molten metal from riser to improve riser design 2, charge should be clean and non-corrosive 3 castings shrinkage set riser, cold iron or cold iron and riser combination 4 control of sand moisture , And the sand core drying 5. To refine the grain measures 6. Improve the position of the casting in the mold to reduce the pouring temperature and pouring speed.

Four crack defects features: 1 casting cracks. Along the grain boundary development, often accompanied by segregation, is a form of higher temperature cracks in the volume of the larger alloy and the more complex shape of the casting prone to 2. Heat treatment cracks: due to heat treatment caused by burning or overheating, often Was transcrystalline cracks. Often generate stress and thermal expansion coefficient larger alloy cooling too drastic. Or in the presence of other metallurgical defects.

Reason for the production: 1. castings structural design unreasonable, sharp corners, the wall thickness variation is too great 2. Sand (core) concession 3. Mold overheating 4. casting temperature is too high 5. Remove the castings from the mold Premature 6. Heat treatment is too hot or too hot, cooling too fast.

Prevention methods: 1. To improve the structural design of castings, to avoid sharp corners, wall thickness strive for uniform, smooth transition 2. To increase sand (core) concession measures 3. To ensure that all parts of the casting solidification or solidification at the same time, to improve the design of the casting system 4. Properly reduce the pouring temperature 5. Control the mold cooling out of time. 6. Cast aluminum deformation using thermal correction method. 7. Correctly control the heat treatment temperature, reduce the quench cooling rate.

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