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Cast Aluminium Pump Casing

Cast Aluminium Pump Casing
Product Type: cast aluminum pump shell Casting process: gravity sand core casting
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Introduction of Cast Aluminium Pump Casing:

Casting aluminum alloy is filled with molten metal mold, access to various shapes and parts of the rough aluminum alloy. With low density, high strength, corrosion resistance and casting technology is good, limited by the structural design of the advantages of small parts. 

Medium-strength alloys based on Al-Si and Al-Si-Mg-Cu; High-strength Al-Cu based alloys; Al-Mg based corrosion resistant alloys; Al-Re based hot alloys. Most require heat treatment to achieve the purpose of strengthening the alloy, eliminating stress in the casting, stabilizing the structure and size of the part.

For the manufacture of beams, gas turbine blades, pump body, pylons, wheels, air intake lip and the engine casing and so on. Also used in the manufacture of automobile cylinder head, transmission and piston, instrumentation shell and turbocharger pump and other parts.

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