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Cast Aluminum Bracket

Cast Aluminum Bracket
Material: ZL101A
Casting Weight: 0.1KG
Casting Process: Die Casting
Standards: ASTM,AISI,DIN,BS,and JIS
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Cast Aluminum




100000 Pieces

4 weeks





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CT8Ra6.3-12T/T, LCCarton and Wood

Mill finished,


powder coating, 





The four substrates in the die casting aluminum industry are annealing, normalizing, quenching and tempering. These four processes are called "four handles of fire" in die casting. During die casting, the relationship between quenching and tempering is very close.

● Annealing is to heat the workpiece. When the workpiece is heated to the appropriate temperature, the die casting is cooled slowly according to the selected materials, and the internal structure of the metal is close to equilibrium.

● Normalizing is the cooling of the workpiece in the air after heating it to the appropriate temperature. It is mainly used to improve the cutting function of the material, and can also be used for finishing die casting of some parts which need not to be high.

● Quenching refers to the rapid cooling of the workpiece in water, or in other quenching medium such as non-machine salt solution after heating and keeping the workpiece. Through this process, the steel produced will become hard and brittle.

● In order to reduce the brittleness of the steel pieces, the hardened steel pieces can be placed under 650 degrees Celsius above normal temperature at a certain temperature for a long time for insulation and then cooling, which is called tempering.

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