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Cast Aluminum Bracket

Cast Aluminum Bracket
This product is used in the Irish drainage system.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Bracket:

Reasons for using aluminum as coil holder:

1. Light weight: aluminum density 2.7kg/dm cubed, iron density 7.9kg/dm cubed.

2. Anti-natural corrosion: aluminum placed in the air can form a dense protective layer of alumina on the surface, which can prevent further oxidation of aluminum.

3. Balanced voltage: aluminum has excellent conductivity, so it can better conduct the weak current generated by various reasons in the coil.

4. Easy forming: aluminum products with different section shapes can be easily obtained by using different moulds through extrusion process.

5. Easy processing: aluminum profiles can be easily processed into the required specifications through sawing, drilling, punching, folding and other processes, and the energy consumption of the processing process is also much lower than that of steel.

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