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Cast Aluminum Column Capital

Cast Aluminum Column Capital
The casting aluminum column capital is produced from sand casting process.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Column Capital:

Column cap is also called column support plate. When slab column-shear wall structure adopts beam free plate structure, it can be used in the form of no column cap plate or column cap (column support) plate according to the requirement of bearing capacity and deformation. The length and thickness of the column cap (column support plate) shall be determined by calculation, and the length in each direction shall not be less than 1/6 of the span of the board, and its thickness shall not be less than 1/4 of the thickness of the board. For 7 degrees, the column cap (column support plate) should be used. For 8 degrees, the column cap (column support plate) should be used. Specific requirements refer to jgj3-2010 technical specifications for concrete structures in high-rise buildings and relevant data.

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