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Cast Aluminum Cylinder

Cast Aluminum Cylinder
From the use of view, the advantage of cast aluminum cylinder is light weight, by reducing the weight to achieve fuel-efficient.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Cylinder:

1, the largest ontology in diesel engine cylinder (below the cylinder cover, the main part of the oil sump above), the cylinder is installed on the oil pan, cylinder head installed on the cylinder block, cylinder made of nodular cast iron.

2, jacket, installed in the cylinder body of a working cavity, like a round tube shape (lumen is smooth, the outside walls of flange, O ring groove, the bottom there are O ring groove), wall of cylinder liner, piston, cylinder cover common combustion cavity formation, and the outer wall of cylinder liner is cooling water, the water in the cylinder body cavity and flow between the outer wall of cylinder jacket, after the diesel combustion heat is passed by the outer wall of cylinder jacket into the water, the jacket material is generally use high temperature resistant, resistant to friction materials

The cylinder liner is a bushing in the cylinder.

Because the cylinder is in a high temperature and high pressure environment, it is easy to be damaged, and the cost of replacing the cylinder is very large, so the replacement of cylinder liner can reduce the cost of replacement

In terms of materials, aluminum alloys have strong thermal conductivity, while steel is strong and can withstand high pressure.

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