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Cast Aluminum Hoppers

Cast Aluminum Hoppers
Material: ZL101A
Casting Weight: 1KG
Casting Process: Gravity Casting
Standards: JIS
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Product Details

Detailed description

Casting process

  Gravity casting

Minimum Order Quantity

The largest size  1000mm

Surface treatment

  Mill finished,anodizing, powder coating, brushing, polishing
Manufacture   OEM/ODM
Packaging Details  Carton and Wood
Casting dimension tolerance  CT8
Casting surface roughness  Ra5.4~12.5
Annual production  2000 tons


Selection of datum

The datum level determines the relative dimension of each part of the casting. Therefore, when selecting the casting base surface, it must be consistent with the processing base surface of the casting machine. The selection principle is as follows:

1. Non-machined surface shall be used as the base surface as far as possible for non-processed castings. As the dimensions of the machined surface change during processing, the relative dimensions may change. And after casting processing, the removal of the machining surface is not easy to check.

2. When using non-machined surface as the base surface, choose the most reliable surface with the smallest size change. The surface of the casting formed with live blocks is preferably not selected as the base surface.

3. the base surface should be as smooth and clean as possible, without residual sprue, burr, flying wing, etc.;

4. for all the processed parts, the surface with the minimum machining allowance should be used as the base surface to ensure that the waste will not be caused by insufficient machining allowance.

5. in order to test the size, it is better to choose the larger plane as the base surface, and try to avoid selecting the curved surface or the surface with casting slope as the base surface.

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