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Cast Aluminum Medical Equipment Parts

Cast Aluminum Medical Equipment Parts
It is produced from low pressure die casting process.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Medical Equipment Parts:

Molding sand binder bonds loose casting sand together to form molding material of molding sand or core sand. 2. The old sand that can be reused is basically recovered after treatment in the production of recycled sand casting. 3. A molding material used to prepare molding sand and core sand in the production of casting sand casting equipment. 4. Materials used to make core in core sand casting production are generally made of cast sand. Molding materials, such as molding sand binder and auxiliary additives, are mixed in proportion to a certain proportion. 5. Molding materials used in sand casting. Molding sand is usually made of cast sand. Molding materials such as sand binder and additives are mixed in proportion. (3) post-treatment and modeling of casting

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