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Cast Aluminum Outlets

Cast Aluminum Outlets
The ground cover of the cast aluminum floor is provided with a boss which is matched with the mask water leakage port.
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Outlets:

Casting is an early metal hot processing technology, which has a history of about 6,000 years. China entered the heyday of bronze casting between 1700 BC and 1000 BC, and reached a fairly high level of technology. Casting refers to the process of melting solid metal into liquid and pouring it into a casting mold of a specific shape to be solidified. The cast metals are: copper, iron, aluminum, tin, lead, etc. Special casting types include: investment casting, loss casting, metal casting, ceramic casting, etc. (raw sand includes quartz sand, magnesium sand, zirconium sand, ferrochrome sand, magnesium olivine sand, crystal blue sand, graphite sand, iron sand, etc.)

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