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Cast Aluminum Reducer Casing

Cast Aluminum Reducer Casing
The main body of the gearbox can be divided into external parts (shell) and inner parts. The gearbox housing of the light vehicle is usually cast aluminum, and the gearbox housing for heavy duty vehicles is generally cast iron. Gearbox internal gears, drive shafts are generally steel, but also useful powder metallurgy (low speed part).
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Intruduction of Cast Aluminum Reducer Casing

There is a variety of universal material testing machines, the maximum range can achieve 300KN, generally 5KN, 10KN below, professional to do a variety of tensile testing machine, including a YG028S-50KN type universal material test machine.

This testing machine is widely used in all kinds of materials such as hardware, metal, cable, ..., testing its tensile, tearing, peeling, compressive, bending and other material research and development, inspection and testing, full of functions and wide application. In line with: GB, ISO7500/1, JJG475-88, ASTME4, DIN5122, JISB7721/B7733, EN1002-2, BS1610, CNS9471/9470 and other countries standard specifications.

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