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Cast Aluminum Shoes

Cast Aluminum Shoes
Product Name: Cast Aluminium Shoes
Material: A380
Casting Weight: 6.8KG
Casting Process: Die Casting
Standards: ASTM,AISI
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Product Details

Detailed description

Minimum Order Quantity  100
Annual production  2000 tons

Surface treatment

  Mill finished,anodizing, powder coating, brushing, polishing
The largest size 


Manufacture  OEM/ODM
Casting dimension tolerance  CT8
Casting surface roughness  Ra5.4~12.5
Packaging Details  Carton and Wood


Road poles base plate generally thickness of 8 ~ 12mm, such as 3 meters or so 8mm; 5 meters around 10mm; 7 meters around 12mm.

Street lamp base is a decorative light from the street, is used in landscape lights or Chinese lights and other large outdoor lighting. Some directly in the base of the hole, that is not the flange. Some are set on the flange, the base of diverse styles, materials are generally cast aluminum and cast iron. Cast iron and cast aluminum processing time need to do the mold. After forming, but also need to polish the welding port, and then carry out anti-corrosion treatment of zinc crossing. The base is generally decorated with patterns.

Road poles base production methods: according to the needs of the appearance of size and performance requirements, first make the mold, and then according to the design of reinforced concrete pouring, to achieve a certain intensity of mold maintenance can be.

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