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Cast Aluminum Support

Cast Aluminum Support
Aluminum parts of the low cost, good process, remelting and recycling resources and energy, the use of metal casting and metal-type sand casting, continuous casting and other special technology and equipment, etc
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Introduction of Cast Aluminum Support:

Automobile parts industry is an important part of automobile industry and plays an important role in automobile industry chain. The auto parts industry, which has been growing steadily, has become one of the important supporting industries of China's automobile industry and even the national economy.

According to forward-looking industry research institute published "China's auto parts manufacturing industry outlook in-depth market research and investment analysis report predicts that by 2020 China 's traditional car production will be close to 30 million vehicles, new energy automobile production will reach 2 million units. According to the traditional average bike aluminum alloy automotive spare parts usage of 190 kg, new energy vehicles average bike with aluminum amount reached 250 kg calculation, aluminum alloy parts, automobile industry demand is about 6.2 million tons/year, roughly 250 billion yuan, this will bring the industry brings a good development prospect and potential.

In addition, the development of new energy vehicles will promote the realization of auto lightweight, in terms of economy and practicality, aluminum alloy die casting is the preferred to realize auto lightweight, the development of new energy vehicles will also accelerate automotive aluminum alloy die casting penetration.

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