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Cast Aluminum Intercooling Chamber

Cast Aluminum Intercooling Chamber
The intercooler intercooler is generally only visible when the turbocharged car is installed.
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Product Details

Detailed description

Casting process

  Gravity die casting, Sand casting, Low pressure die casting, 

  Die casting, Cast copper, Cast stainless steel

Material srandrad  GB. ASTM. AISI. DIN. BS. JIS.
The largest size  1000mm
Weight range  0.2-50Kg
Casting dimension tolerance  CT8
Casting surface roughness  Ra5.4~12.5
Annual production  2000 tons


The height above the ground of the base of the intermediate cooler shall not be less than 150mm, and the bottom foot shall be covered with 50mm thick wooden block of anti-corrosion treatment to prevent the cold bridge, and the heat insulation layer outside the barrel body shall not be less than 200mm behind the wall.

The intermediate cooler shall be equipped with automatic level controller and ultra-high level alarm. The normal liquid level can be controlled according to the level height specified by the manufacturer. The alarm level is controlled at 2/3 of the barrel height. The intermediate cooler must be equipped with a safety valve (or automatic bypass valve), a pressure gauge and a level indicator.

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