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Low Pressure Die Casting Snowmaker

Low Pressure Die Casting Snowmaker
It is produced from low pressure die casting process.
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Introduction of Low Pressure Die Casting Snowmaker:

Snow machine works by water - the pressure of the snow - making machine is atomized - cold air condenses - falling to snow!

In manufacturing snow ski resort planning principle is simple, the well water pump into a pool of water, because of well water temperature on the high side, raise your cool with high-pressure water pump, and then with water pump will pump water to the water pipe, through high pressure water supply snowmaking machine, snow machine injection system with many of the snow through the fan nozzle spray out. In this process, the nucleons in the snowmaking machine play a crucial role. Nuclear device is the key to make snow, snow is the air compressor and a certain proportion of water, through nuclear nuclear device to produce snow, snow nuclear as seeds and communicated a lot of water droplets, and then sprayed into the air, in the process of the formation of snowflakes, falling snow on the ground surface, if there is no nuclear device, is made of water droplets.

The snow machine is divided into fan type, pole type and gun type, which is more kinds. Generally, mobile and fan type are used, covering a large area, about 50 meters.

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