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Copper Flange

Household appliances due to poor insulation performance or wet use of the environment, will lead to the shell with a certain amount of static electricity, electric shock in severe cases can occur.
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Introduction of Copper Flange:

1, the flange is the transliteration of foreign words (flange), meaning: flange, flange, flange

2, the flange has a role to play the connection, but it is not absolutely only flanges that play the role of connection is called flange, such as: the end of the flanged copper sleeve, the flange is not connected, However, this outer flange can also be called flange

3, on the flange, then there is an expansion of meaning: in large welded pipe, pipe and pipe between the connection plate is also called the flange, even the flat ring (shaped as a washer) is not welded on the pipe , Also referred to as flanges, are thus shaped like gaskets but are used at the ends of a component (either for connection or as a spacer or as a bearing against axial force) It's all called a flange, and although it is as simple as a washer, it does.

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