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Aluminium Valve

Aluminium Valve
VV valve: also known as high-row ventilation valve. Is a cylinder used in the start of a valve. When the high-pressure cylinder is started, the high-pressure cylinder is in the state of blasting, which is equivalent to a blower. To reduce the blast volume and prevent the high-temperature cylinder metal from overheating, open the VV valve, Steam vacuum connected to maintain a certain high pressure vacuum, reduce blow loss.
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Introduction of Aluminium Valve:

Turbine accident discharge valve. High pressure cylinder unit, when the unit load rejection, in order to prevent the high pressure cylinder, high pressure steam pipe steam from high and medium pressure steam seal clearance to medium pressure cylinder, low pressure cylinder, the unit adversely affected. If these seal teeth wear, sealing gap becomes larger, resulting in increased the possibility of speeding units, for which set the accidental discharge valve (BDV). When the unit is tripped, the BDV valve opens quickly, directing the excess steam at the high and medium pressure seals to the condenser to prevent the unit from overspeeding.

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