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Cast Aluminium Base

Cast Aluminium Base
Product Name: Cast Aluminium Base
Material: A380
Casting Weight: 6.8KG
Casting Process: Die Casting
Standards: ASTM,AISI
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Product Details

Product NameCasting ProcessStandardsProductionMaterial

Cast Aluminium Base

Die castingASTM,AISI100000 PiecesA380



 Surface RoughnessCasting WeightManufactureSurface treatment
CT8Ra6.3-126.8KGOEM/ODMMill finished, anodizing, powder coating, brushing, polishing

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order  Quantity100
Delivery Time4 weeks
Payment TermsT/T, LC
Packaging DetailsCarton and Wood

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9kYqwFaOBM 

Intruduction of Cast Aluminium Base:

Thermal conductivity of different materials with different thermal properties, according to the thermal performance from high to low, namely, silver, copper, aluminum, steel. Silver heat sink is too expensive, the best solution is to use copper. Although aluminum is cheap, the thermal conductivity of aluminum is not as good as that of copper.

Wenxuan thermal energy commonly used heat sink material is copper and aluminum, copper and aluminum to form the advantages and disadvantages of complementary, good thermal conductivity of copper, but the more expensive, more difficult to process, weight is too large, less heat capacity, and easy oxidation . The pure aluminum is too soft, can not be used directly, are the use of aluminum to provide adequate hardness, aluminum has the advantage of low prices, light weight, but the thermal conductivity is worse than copper. So Wenxuan Hardware Radiator to each director, embedded in the base of the aluminum radiator a copper plate to form a copper-aluminum composite radiator.

Package and Transport:


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