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Cast Aluminium Standard Hoppers

Cast Aluminium Standard Hoppers
Cast aluminum is molten aluminum, poured into the mold, the required shape by cooling the aluminum piece of a process. Aluminum used in cast aluminum is called cast aluminum.
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Intruduction of Cast Aluminium Standard Hoppers:

As the saying goes, needles with large holes, big winds, and leaks from your windows indicate that your window structure is too low, and the sealing properties of doors and windows are not taken into account. Sticking to the sponge strip or seal is a temporary solution.

In addition, the aluminum alloy thermal conductivity reaches 140 or more.

The thermal conductivity coefficient of the wall is only a few or about 1.0, aluminum alloy window is a large funnel for building energy consumption.

Therefore, the replacement of high quality and high sealing performance is the only way to improve the home environment and improve the quality of life.

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