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Cast Aluminium Standard Hoppers

Cast Aluminium Standard Hoppers
Material: ZL101A
Casting Weight: 2.8KG
Casting Process: Sand casting
Standards: ASTM
Casting dimension tolerance: CT8
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Product Details

Casting Angle


  • Reduce the friction between the casting and the model and take out the casting easily.

  • Make sure that the surface of the casting is not scratched;

  • Extend model life.

The slope values required for each part of the die casting are different and should be determined according to the direction of metal shrinkage. When the resistance to the contraction of the metal is high, the slope should be higher and vice versa.

General principles:

Shallower than deep; The high melting point alloy is greater than the low melting point alloy. Having more complex shapes than simple ones; Thick wall is larger than thin wall; The inside is greater than the outside.

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