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Low Pressure Casting

Low pressure casting is a method of filling cavity of liquid metal under pressure to form castings. Because of the low pressure, it is called low pressure casting. The low pressure casting method was introduced into China around 1957, but it really attracted the attention of the industry and began to carry out various researches and introduce equipment around 1960.
  • Low Pressure Die Casting

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    Low Pressure Die Casting

    Applying an air pressure or an inert gas pressure of 0.01 to 0.05 MPa at the surface of the molten soup of the closed holding furnace, and the molten soup is lifted by pouring the soup (riser) in the molten soup and pressed into the furnace Of the top of the mold.Read More

  • Low Pressure Sand Casting

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    Low Pressure Sand Casting

    Slowly into the crucible furnace into the dry compressed air, metal liquid by the role of gas pressure, from bottom to top along the riser and pouring system filled with cavity.Read More

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