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Sand Aluminium Castings

Sand Aluminium Castings
Casting in the casting process, prone to internal porosity, shrinkage, porosity and other defects, these defects in the castings after machining, the surface of the dense layer components are removed so that the internal tissue defects exposed. On the sealing requirements of automotive cast aluminum parts, such as the cylinder block, cylinder head, intake manifold, brake valve body, etc., in the pressure seal test, the presence of defective microporosity will result in leakage of sealing medium caused a large number Scrap, and these defects are often machined after the pressure can be found, resulting in a serious wave of working hours, raw materials and energy.
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Introduction of Sand Aluminium Castings:

    In general, even the same grade of alloy, the use of sand aluminium castings and the content of die-casting process components are different, for example, Fe, ZL102 content of 0.7%, but the YL102 Fe content of 1.0%, mainly to prevent the aluminum Affinity and adhesion with the metal mold together. Other ingredients are different.

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