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Flange, also known as flange flange or flange. Flanges are the interconnecting parts between pipes and tubes for the connection between pipe ends.
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Introduction of Flange:

Flanges, or flanges, are simply a general term for a few fixed holes in the periphery of a similar disc of metal to connect to other things. This thing is widely used in machinery, so the appearance is also strange, as long as the image is called flange, its name comes from English flange.

Flange is a kind of disc parts, most common in pipeline engineering, flange is used in pairs. In pipeline engineering, flanges are mainly used for piping connections. In need of flanges.

Connect the pipe, all kinds of installation flange, low pressure pipe can use the wire flange, 4kg above pressure using welding flange. Insert a gasket between the two flanges and tighten with bolts. Different pressure flanges have different thickness and use different bolts. The water pump and valve, when connected with the pipe, the parts of the equipment are also made of corresponding flange shape, also known as flange connection. Where there are two surfaces in the surrounding use of bolt connection closed connection parts at the same time, generally referred to as the "flange", such as ventilation pipe connections, this kind of parts can be called "flange parts".


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